Hungry Monsters

Nursery hot lunches can be provided by Hungry Monsters (Only At the Priory). Theses meals are nutritionally balanced to provide the children with a hot, healthy, meal, with a yummy desert. Afternoon tea is also available. Please have a look at the Hungry Monsters website for more information HERE  

Breakfast Club

We offer a morning 'Breakfast Club' from 7:30am - 8:00am for parents that have to start work early. This is great time for the children to enjoy breakfast with their friends.

Music and Movement

A music company visits us weekly to delivery a fun and engaging music and movement session. There is a growing wealth of evidence, that proves that music making in early years, grows and improves neural networks like no other activity. It also provides a great way for children to join in with a group activity and burn off some energy. French and Spanish versions are also available, helping to introduce children to different languages.


At Puddleduck Day Nursery we have a strong ethos in keeping children active. To support this, Pre-School attend a weekly off-site tennis session run by a professional coach. This helps in their physical development, fine, gross motor movements and personal, social and emotional skills.

Library Visits

The children go on weekly visits to the local library. During this time they are read stories, get to chose their own books and have fun, exciting activities provided by the library.

Nursery Allotment

The nursery has its own space at the local allotment to grow fruit and vegetables. This gives the children a fantastic opportunity to participate in growing some of their own food, whilst teaching them about the world around them. Once the produce is picked by the children, it is then sent home for our parents, to continue the learning in the kitchen while preparing dinner that night.   

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